Monday, August 9, 2010

Friendship Quilting

I got together back in the spring with 3 of my friends- Holly, Amy (new to sewing and quilting), and Erica. We decided to make Friendship quilts. We all brought 60 light colored squares and 60 med/dark colored squares. We walked around the picked up squares off each pile until all squares had been taken and we each had two new stacks of 60 light and 60 dark squares.

We marked our light squares on the diagonal, then stitched 1/4" on either side of the line, and cut to make half square triangles, and pressed.

The pattern showed 4 different designs: barn raising, pinwheel, lightening, and fields and furrows. We each picked a different design and are anxious to see the results when we get together again to work on the quilting!

I chose pinwheels (I had previously done barn raising ~ as you can see from the blog title photo).
Here is the layout before sewing the rows and columns together. Now to find a backing and get ready to quilt it. I've already decided how I want the quilting done. I got the idea from Tallgrass Prairie Studio.


Lee said...

lovely combination of fabrics. I need to find 2 quilting friends to do the same with. what fun

The Quilt Ladies said...

What fun and did you eat REALLY good things? Friends always do. Did you sew or laugh more? I hope laughter. What a good time and thanks for sharing on the link

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