Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking for sponsor(s) for the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop

I will be hosting a giveaway on my blog as part of the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop. The event runs December 1 to 5th and there’s over 200 blogs participating so far!
I think it’s going to be so much fun for everyone involved!

The giveaway theme is cash and gift cards/gift certificates. I am currently looking for companies who wish to sponsor my blog giveaway for this event with a Gift Certificate from their business. It’s up to you the amount and who can enter (US, Canada or worldwide).

How will this help your business? We are expecting this to be a high traffic event and the buzz is already building online about it. Your company will gain exposure and I am offering to do a company or product review, with links to your site and/or media sites, and pictures to give you more incentive to sponsor my blog giveaway! For donating a gift certificate/gift card of $50 and up, I will also add a Sidebar Button Ad through the end of January 2011! (You must provide me with the picture for the button.)

Please email me at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or if you have any questions. ~Thanks, Garilyn

Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop


Charity said...

I became a blog follower from TPRP and would love for you to follow me back:) Thanks!

Autumn Blues Designs said...

Found you on The Review Place. Nice to meet you! Come by and visit and join my blog when you have a chance. Hope to see you soon. Digna

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