Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Time of the Year

We have been extremely busy around here lately, as most people are this time of year. Watch for some sneak peeks over the next couple days of the sponsors for the Holiday Blog Hop starting on Dec. 1st. I'm excited!!
Here's a few things we've been working on this fall:

Burp Clothes and Wash Clothes (not shown) will be a new item in our shop. We have been working on lots of other items, too! We set up for Black Friday and Saturday at the mall and had a great time!

Tote Bags made in the Homeschool Sewing Class that I taught this fall for our group. There were NINE girls in my class and boy, was it crazy at times. In the spring, we are doing 2 smaller classes. I think the girls will get so much more out of the class. But, even with that number, we were able to do 3 projects in 9 weeks. Not bad. (Photo above is of Charity's bag.)
Pattern by Whimsey Couture

I also did a pattern test for Whimsy Couture. I love the pattern. The only thing I'd do differently (which is just my personal preference) is to make the dress longer. I personally like long dresses. Note on photo: what a look! She's too young for looks like that!
Have a great week and check back for the sneak peeks!


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