Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainbow "Pupcakes"

I got a text from my husband while grocery shopping. Text reads, "Kyana wants pupcakes." I replied that I would see what I could do. Apparently, that made her very happy!

You see, my daughter has a hard time saying cupcake. Just as one of the boys used to call juice, jupes. He learned to say juice, just as I'm sure she will one day say cupcake.

But for the time being, we all laugh and enjoy our pupcakes!

I got the idea from Skip To My Lou and her Red, White, and Blue cupcakes!

Kyana chose blue, yellow, and green, with pink for the icing.

For the icing, I used a Butter Icing from a Fannie Farmer cookbook I had borrowed from the library a few months ago. Very good. I would love to have that Fannie Farmer cookbook sitting on my shelf. Lots of great recipes!

The pupcakes were YUMMY!!!


Dawn said...

Oh yummy! I knew there was a reason for me to stop by, just to see your pupcakes!
Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck sweetie!

Mom2zqb said...

They look yummy! Stop by and check out my blog.

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