Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Here's the story.
Aaron: "Mom, is that Nana's sewing machine?"
Mom: "Yes."
Aaron: "Wow, that's ancient!"

Well, I certainly hope it's not ancient, because if it's ancient, so am I. Leave it to kids to say things that make you laugh. Maybe those laughs will help erase a few years!!
The Kenmore is old, it's metal, and oh so heavy! My mom was inspired by the quilts I was making and how easy they were. So, we dusted off the metal, cleaned out the lint, and got some new thread. And we went shopping for fabric. Yippee!

We then set out to cut, chain piece, and put it all together. A couple week's ago, we finished up the border, sandwiched it, quilted it, and started on the binding.

All that's left is hand stitching the binding!!
We should have taken the pictures outside, these don't do justice to the bright purples and greens.

Have a great day!


Quiltstory said...

Love how this turned out too!

And we're following :)

~Brenda said...

I LOVE that quilt. Very pretty!! I'm working on a table runner right now. Almost done, and hopefully pics will be up next week. :)

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